Event Registration

Monday, August 16, 2021

As part of the University’s community care efforts, all student groups must register events they would like to host on campus, at an off-campus residence, or at a third-party venue. This includes all events where alcohol will be served as well as dry events.

Registering events with alcohol

All members of the Penn student community, undergraduate, graduate, or professional, are expected to follow University policies and local, state, and federal laws at all times. These expectations extend to all event hosting, whether in on-campus spaces (such as fraternity houses or Houston Hall), off-campus residences, or third-party venues (such as clubs).

All student organizations are required to register social events with alcohol, regardless of where the event will be held. Registration helps student groups manage risk, since registered events require hosts to provide bartenders and security. Student group leaders should submit the registration materials and await response from University Life and/or an advisor (if applicable). Student groups should not publicize any event until they have received formal approval from University Life.

Many University undergraduate student organizations are subject to policies regarding the possession and consumption of alcohol imposed by a parent organization. If the policies governing an individual organization impose more restrictive regulations regarding alcohol possession and consumption it will be necessary for that organization to follow its parent organization’s policies or risk sanctions. If, however, the parent organization permits the possession or consumption of alcohol where otherwise prohibited by University policy, the organization must comply with the University’s policy, notwithstanding its parent organization’s rules.

Costs associated with hosting events with alcohol

Student groups hosting events where alcohol is served must have professional bartenders serving at the bar and professional security checking IDs at the front door. Funding is available to all undergraduate and graduate student groups to assist with the cost of these services. All student groups will have these costs automatically subsidized for up to four (4) events per semester. There is no separate application process to receive funds; University Life will automatically book and pay for these services upon approval of registration forms. After those four events, student groups are responsible for the costs of bartenders and security where applicable. Please contact Emily Giffin, Program Coordinator for Community Care, with any questions.

Registering events without alcohol

Student organizations wishing to hold events without alcohol are required to register with University Life, regardless of whether the event will be held in an on-campus fraternity house, off-campus residence, or third-party venue. Registration of these events helps Event Observers and Penn Police identify and differentiate between activity each weekend. Student group leaders should submit the registration materials and await response from University Life and/or an advisor (if applicable). Student groups should not publicize any event until they have received formal approval from University Life. 

Keep in mind…

  • No registered events may be held in basements, whether in on-campus fraternity houses, off-campus fraternity houses, or private off-campus residences. Organizations may hold chapter-based activities and internal house gatherings in basement spaces, but for safety concerns, events must be held on the first floor if a larger group made up of non-members are attending.
  • Other organizations, such as athletic teams or performing arts groups, may be subject to additional expectations by coaches, advisors, or sponsors.
  • Organizations that live in, and host events at, private off-campus residences are subject to additional expectations set forth in rental agreements/leases and in personal communications with landlords.
  • Fraternities that are part of the North American Interfraternity Council (NIC) are subject to additional expectations set forth by their national organizations. These include:
    • Hard liquor may not be served at events in chapter houses
    • Events with alcohol are limited to a 3:1 maximum guest-to-member ratio, meaning the total guest list must not be greater than three times the chapter’s total membership
    • Fraternities must keep a guest list for all events with alcohol

Register your event

If alcohol will be served at your event, please fill out the appropriate form based upon where your event will be held (on/off-campus or at a third-party venue). If alcohol will not be served at your event, please complete the dry events form. Please complete the form(s) using your Penn email address.

Contact Information

If you have any questions about the event registration process, please reach out to Emily Giffin, Program Coordinator for Community Care.

Community Engagement

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Students studying remotely maintain many ways to engage in their community, through signature initiatives such as the Civic House, Netter Center, or Paideia Program.

Local, national, and global engagement opportunities can also be found in many Penn student organizations.

Clubs & Activities

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Penn is home to more than 700 registered student organizations – featured and searchable at the Penn Clubs website. Student groups continue to operate and grow remotely, following  related guidelines for organizations.

Office of Student Affairs staff is available via email, and an FAQ may answer many student questions about club activity this semester.

Spring Activities Fair
Sept 2, 2021
All questions can be directed to sacfair@sacfunded.net.

Class of 2025

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Class of 2024

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Penn Cares: COVID-19 Testing & Dashboard

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Students who will be on campus for the Fall 2021 semester are required to undergo Gateway Testing. Students can schedule their Gateway Test beginning the week of July 26. New students may be unable to schedule their tests until the week of August 9th.

Financial Aid, Registration, & Student Employment

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Student Registration and Financial Services offers comprehensive information and online resources for students and families navigating the semester. Examples include:

Glossary of frequently used terms in financial aid and registration
A guide to student employment, including how to search for a remote work-study position
Registration, catalog, and calendar to assist with course selection

Summer/Fall 2021 Rules for Student Groups

Tuesday, July 6, 2021

These rules govern in-person activity that can be organized and/or funded by your student organization (for all undergraduate, graduate, and professional students) in Summer/Fall 2021.

Guidance is based on current university and city/state policies as communicated to the campus community via email on June 24, 2021. If these policies change during the semester, the guidelines for student organizations may also change.

Student group activities may be held in-person, both on and off-campus

  • While groups are eager to return to pre-pandemic operations, student organizations are encouraged to be mindful that not all members of the Penn community will be comfortable with, or able to engage in fully in-person activity. To that end, organizations are asked to:
    • Normalize the option of wearing a mask at in-person events.
    • Reduce the size of activities when possible.
    • Continue hosting events outdoors when possible.
    • The disease is still most highly transmitted in our community when people eat and drink together. Prioritize pre-packaged meal options whenever possible, promote good hand hygiene and always have hand sanitizer available. Be thoughtful of how food/beverages are served at activities.
    • Consider how hybrid modes of meeting/interacting can be utilized. Virtual activities are very inclusive and afford your members some opportunity for self-care instead of running across campus all day. Decide which standing meetings, activities that regularly conflict with mealtimes, or deliberations that run late into the night might be held virtually.
  • Facilities on campus will have their own rules of operation and may vary from site to site. Groups must follow all rules and expectations set forth by the facilities in which they are hosting activities.
  • Groups are no longer required to submit the event approval form or the food purchase request form before they can begin planning events, however, they must consult their financial coordinator at the beginning of the planning process to ensure compliance with Penn policies and best practices. Student organizations should continue to work with their financial coordinator/financial center early and often during the event planning process to spend money in accordance with the current financial policies.
  • Organizations may resume travel related to the mission of their organization. Public health guidance will vary by country, state, and locality. It is the responsibility of students to be aware of public health guidance wherever they travel.
  • Student groups may host guests on campus. Guidance for guests on campus can be found at the Penn Coronavirus website.
  • There are special considerations for activities that include children 12 and under. If your group typically hosts events with children on or off-campus, please consult with your advisor for guidance.

Student groups may not:

  • Track or ask members to disclose (verbally or written) their vaccination status.
  • Require students to show proof of a negative Covid test before participating in activities.
  • Force people to remove their mask.

Resources to Support Student Organizations

There are resources available to support student organizations in their efforts to host safer activities.

  • Public Health Ambassadors (PHAs) may be available to support events that are at higher risk for Covid transmission. Factors such as the size of an event, being open to the public, or the presence of food/beverage/alcohol may result in the recommended use of a PHA.
  • Individual students will retain access to their Zoom account provided through the University.
    • Additionally, the Office of Student Affairs will maintain licenses for free access to Zoom Webinars and BlueJeans Events, which can host up to 1000 participants at a time. Please be in touch with OSA to request access to these resources on an event-by-event basis.
  • PennOpen Pass is available for reporting symptoms and exposures. While no longer required for building access, group members can utilize this tool and ask members to display red or green passes as needed.

Athletics & Recreation

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Potruck is now opened from 9 am to 6 pm on weekdays. Reservations can be made on the Campus Recreation Member Portal. Only the first-floor cardio room, second-floor weight room, and second-floor multi-purpose room will be open. Minimal occupancy restrooms will be open, while the locker rooms will remain closed.

Reopening dates for other Pottruck facilities — including the Sheerr Pool, the Gimbel basketball courts, and the third and fourth floors — will be announced soon.

The Penn Squash Center and Hecht/Hamlin Tennis Centers are also closed.
On-demand exercise resources can be located here.
Virtual group exercise programming is available via Zoom. 
Contact Campus Recreation directly by emailing DRIA-pennrec@pobox.upenn.edu.

All Penn athletic facilities, including the Palestra and Franklin Field, are closed until further notice.


Wednesday, January 13, 2021

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