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With the spring semester underway, take the time to assemble a plan of action in balancing your academic responsibilities along with your extracurricular and social activities. If you are struggling with crafting a schedule that allows you to breathe, then check out the academic workshops offered by Learning Resources. Sometimes a review of fundamental principles offers a way for you to de-stress so that you can maximize the learning experience. Learning specialists are also available for individual consultations to discuss your unique approaches to coursework and other projects. Our Resources for Online Learning are particularly helpful for engaging asynchronous materials, participating actively in online spaces, and managing distractions and screen fatigue.

Jane Holahan, Director of the Weingarten Learning Resource Center
Jane Holahan, Director of the Weingarten Learning Resource Center

Along with Learning Resources, Tutoring Services provides academic support outside the classroom setting. Review contract tutoring and satellite tutoring. If you need extra support in content learning, then sign up for an appointment with an Assignment Specialist who can discuss your needs. Finally, Student Disability Services works with students who need accommodation consideration on the basis of a disability/medical condition. The Weingarten Center is here for students in all 12 schools at Penn. Don’t hesitate to reach out and consult with the Weingarten Center staff. One last word of advice: Check out Hub@Penn, a one-stop site to find out resources at Penn.

Best wishes,

Jane Holahan, Ed.D., Executive Director

Weingarten Ambassadors

The Weingarten Ambassadors program brings together undergraduate, graduate, and professional students from various disciplines and affiliations to increase student awareness and use of the resources of all three offices at the Weingarten Center: Learning Resources, Student Disabilities Services, and Tutoring Services.

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