Success Story: Aisha Oshilaja

Saturday, January 2, 2021

Aisha Oshilaja (C’20) pursued a pre-dental track at Penn, majoring in Psychology with a minor in Chemistry. Her relationship with the Weingarten Center began during the fall semester of freshmen year, spurred by struggling to acclimate to her STEM courses. General Chemistry became one of her most challenging courses because she did not feel that the large amount of work she was investing daily translated to a functional understanding of the material. Aisha met with Dr. Rashmi Kumar, learning time management. She also worked with the Tutoring Services, beginning a tradition of seeking a tutor for every Chemistry course for the next four years. With the skills she honed, Aisha graduated a semester early, balancing six courses and two major extra-curriculars.

“Weingarten can help you with different academic problems, but you must be willing to implement the recommendations in your life. Academic habits will not change overnight, so be prepared to struggle with these problems even after receiving help. It will take time to change.”

Aisha Oshilaja