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Students Engage with Philadelphia

Monday, April 12 had neither course assessments nor asynchronous classes. The University offered self-directed activities that advanced our community, both to engage with Philadelphia for

The Penn Glee Club and Penn Sirens have decided to merge, meaning that for the first time since its founding 159 years ago, the Glee Club will include singers of all genders and will perform repertoire for soprano and alto voices, in addition to tenor and bass, and for all four voice parts. The board members for both groups are pictured on the steps of College Hall.

Penn Glee Club becomes fully gender inclusive

Penn Glee Club becomes fully gender-inclusive after 159 years of all-male singers. In a merger with the Penn Sirens, the chorus will add soprano and alto voices and be open to singers of all genders.

Race-based hate is out there

Race-based hate is out there, but it’s inside of us, too

All too often we cling to our beliefs because they play a role in defining who we are and at the end of the day we have to wonder if we are more interested in learning from a new opportunity or holding on to old ideas that don’t serve us?