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Race-based hate is out there

Race-based hate is out there, but it’s inside of us, too

All too often we cling to our beliefs because they play a role in defining who we are and at the end of the day we have to wonder if we are more interested in learning from a new opportunity or holding on to old ideas that don’t serve us?

A student signing up to be tested for COVID-19

Commemorating a Challenging Year

To mark one year since COVID-19 changed our lives, we honor the essential workers within our entire Penn Community for their selfless work and dedication. We also look to the future with hope and optimism for brighter days ahead.

The view from the Pan-Asian American Community House (PAACH) Office, moments before nightfall. (Pre-pandemic image: Dyana Wing So)

Supporting Penn’s Asian community

A year marked by the global pandemic was also marked by anti-Asian xenophobia, evidenced most recently in the Atlanta shootings. The Trump administration’s reaction to

Stay at home mother using laptop and holding her head in pain while her son is doing homework.

COVID-19 and Women in the Workforce

It is very difficult to juggle being a parent while working from home in the same space as your child, who is stressed out or frustrated with online learning, in addition to the social emotional piece with not being able to have playdates with friends.

Sherisse Laud-Hammond standing in the Penn Women's Center

2021 Women of Color at Penn Awards

On March 19, the Women of Color at Penn honored the award winners whose work has promoted education, cultural diversity, and positive change on campus